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What is CIY®?

Unleash your individuality.

No more job hunting or changing jobs tied to conditions. Let’s meet jobs that make the most of your individuality and strengths, which can never be measured by market value.

COLOR INSIDE YOURSELF (CIY) is a service that helps you find your “ideal workplace.

CIY’s definition of an “ideal workplace” is a “workplace that is easy to work in and easy to be active in,” with an environment that allows you to make the most of your individuality and a job description that allows you to demonstrate your talents.

Ideal image of what a job search should be

Salary, holidays, and other conditions are also important.
However, people who truly enjoy their work value things that do not appear in conditions, such as “job satisfaction,” “emotional connection with colleagues at work,” and “contribution to others through work.

CIY believes that the ideal job search is not only based on salary and working hours, but also on job satisfaction, comfort in the organization, and ease of work.

In order to make this “ideal job search” a reality, we provide a place where you can meet companies and jobs that you could not encounter in your previous job hunting and job change activities.

CIY supports you in your lonely job search and career change

“Job hunting is lonely and painful.”
In interviewing many students and job seekers, I heard these words many times.

Choosing a job, which is supposed to have a fairly large impact on one’s life.
We would like to improve the situation where this is a one-man battle, where you cannot get enough support and information.
CIY has such a vision.

We hope that you will use CIY as a reliable map for the unknown journey of job hunting and job change activities.

Expansion outside Japan

Currently, in Japan, we are developing a matching service based on aptitude between companies and job seekers in order to achieve the above vision.

Outside of Japan, the following features will be available by 2023.

  • Self-promotional text that can be copied and pasted
  • Real-time analysis of your suitability with the companies you are interested in
  • Interview questions are automatically generated to prepare for the interview

Pre-registration with CIY®

Pre-registration is available for use in 2023.
(All registration and use is free of charge)

If you wish to pre-register by transferring the results of the self-assessment you have completed, please copy the “code” displayed on the analysis results page and enter it into the registration form.